The Contribution of Daniel Madigan’s Theological Insights to Interreligious Dialogue in Indonesia

B. Christian Triyudo Prastowo



Interreligious dialogue has three interrelated dimensions: an interreligious dimension (mutual relationship), a dialogical dimension (effective communication), and a confessional dimension (deepening of faith and cooperation). This essay explores how Madigan’s theological reflection on dialogue with Muslims fits within those dimensions. Through descriptive-analytical and reflective-dialectical approaches, this essay concludes that the three interrelated dimensions of interreligious dialogue explain the holistic view of Madigan’s theological reflection. It is very useful for Christian-Muslim dialogue in Indonesian context. Two important contributions are the relevance of the dialogue of repentance and the approach of mutual hospitality in theological dialogue with Muslims. This is the kenosis Christians have to go through to resonate with the Word.

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