While the Philippines and China declared 2012 and 2013 as years of friendly exchanges between the two countries, they are currently at odds with each other due to continuing sovereignty disputes in the South China Sea. China’s growing maritime capability, a result of the
implementation of its current naval strategy, creates security anxieties in the Philippines. These security anxieties affect the present dynamics in Philippines-China relations. In the context of
the South China Sea Disputes, the Philippines and China are now suffering a security dilemma, a tragic situation that creates enmity rather than amity in their relations. With their security dilemma, the Philippines and China are presently trapped in a “guessing game” situation, speculating on each other’s strategic intention. Finding ways to ameliorate this security dilemma is essential for both countries to promote cooperation rather than competition in their
overall relationship. 


China’s naval strategy, security dilemma, South China Sea dispute, Philippines-China relations

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