This paper traces the changes and developments in Chinese education in the Philippines by a survey of the history thereof. It discusses how Chinese education developed from an education catered to a small number of overseas Chinese to the ethnic Chinese, from an education of students of Chinese descent to mainstream Philippine society in the tertiary level, and the role played by the socio-political environment in this regard. This paper also seeks to answer the question of whether the policy of the Philippine government has anything to do with this development. Difficulties and obstacles to this type of education are discussed. Through an evaluation of the foregoing, this paper proposes some solutions to the perceived problems. This paper uses the investigative exploratory method of study. Books and relevant publications are utilized where necessary. Materials from the Internet from recognized institutions are also used as reference. Interviews and surveys were also conducted in the process of this study.


Mandarin Linguistic routines, Digital storytelling, Communicative Approach

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