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Biwu Shang, Maria Luisa F. Torres Reyes

Introduction: Ethical Literary Criticism, Brain Text, and New Readings of World Literature

Patrick Messerlin, Hwy-Chang Moon

INTRODUCTION: Kritika Kultura Special Issue on Cultural Practices and Policies in the Digital and Global Age

Jaqueline Berndt

Introduction: Manga Beyond Critique?

Maria Luisa Torres Reyes, Luisa Gomez

Introduction: Where Island Studies Meets Mobility Studies in Literary and Cultural Studies

E. San Juan, Jr.

Inventing Vernacular Speech-Acts: Articulating Filipino Self-Determination in the United States

Reuel Molina Aguila, Marne Kilates


Ingyu Oh

Islam and Local Culture: The Peril of State Violence and Hallyu Fandom in Indonesia (With Reference to Palestine)

Jooyoung Kim

Islamic Butcher Shop Read as a Refugee Novel

Jaeeun Lee

Island and Mobility in the Face of Climate Change: Robert Smithson’s Floating Island

Iping Liang

Island Encounters: Mapping Indigenous Taiwan in the Context of “Imperial Archipelagos”


Islands in the Stream: A Spatial Perspective on Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s Reverse Flow

Maria Luisa Torres Reyes

Itinerant Figures: Textual Mobilities in Fiction’s Diasporic Turn

Eulalio R. Guieb III

Jandayan Island: Symphony of dry winds in a time without rain

Marco Pellitteri

Japan’s Soft Power and “Grand Fictions” in Global Venues: Japanese Pop Culture Franchises and Fictionality-based Tactics

Jiang Wei

Jiang Qing and the Visuality of the Revolutionary Model Opera Films in the Cultural Revolution

E. San Juan, Jr.

Jose Garcia Villa: Vicissitudes of Neocolonial Art-Fetishism and the “Beautiful Soul” of the Filipino Exile

Josephine M.T. Khu

José Tan Sunco

Xavier Ortells-Nicolau

Juan Mencarini and Amateur Photography in Fin-de-siècle China

Hee-chul Sim, Soel-ah Kim, Byung-min Lee

K-Pop Strategy Seen from the Viewpoint of Cultural Hybridity and the Tradition of the Gwangdae

E. San Juan, Jr.

Kahulugan, Katotohanan, Katwiran: Pagpapakilala sa Semiotika ni Charles Sanders Peirce

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