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Jared Jonathan Luna

The Girls that Get It, Get It: On Critical Dance Memes

Michelle Esquivias

The God of Smoke: Testimonies

Jooyoung Kim

The Identity of a Young Intellectual of Colonial Korea: Focusing on Into the Light by Sa-ryang Kim

Man-Soo Cho

The Industrialization of Korea’s Performing Arts and Its Path for Globalization

Alex Taek-Gwang Lee

The Invention of the Brain: Artificial Intelligence and Libidinal Symptomatology

Inseop Shin

The Island Literature Museum in Korea

Allan N. Derain

The Last Bakunawa: Self-translation with Notes

Chris Thurman

The Long and Short of It: Reflection on “Form” in Recent South African Fiction

Patrick D. Flores

The Long Take: Passage as Form in the Philippine Film

Jonathan O. Chua

The Making of Jose Garcia Villa's Footnote to Youth

Alyza Taguilaso

The Makings of Dynamite

Amanda Solomon Amorao

The Manong's "Songs of Love": Gendered and Sexualized Dimensions of Carlos Bulosan's Literature and Labor Activism

Taeyun Yu

The Matrix of S&M in Korean Cinema: Time, Space, Trauma, Power

T. Ruanni F. Tupas

The New Challenge of the Mother Tongues: The Future of Philippine Postcolonial Language Politics

Suwan Kim

The New Korean Wave in the Middle East and Its Role in the Strategic Approach to Medical Tourism in Korea

Yeon W. Lee, Kyuchan Kim

The Next Growth Strategy for Hallyu: A Comparative Analysis of Global Entertainment Firms

Sharkdam Wapmuk, Oluwatooni Akinkuotu, Vincent Ibonye

The Nigerian Diaspora and National Development: Contributions, Challenges, and Lessons from Other Countries

Jose Maria de Nazareno

The Noble Jihad

Maria Rocini E. Tenasas

The Oral Aurality of the Radio Waray Siday

Ignacio Ballester Pardo

The Philippines in Contemporary Mexican Poetry: Presence and Omission

9 (2007)

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