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B.B.P. Hosmillo

Fragments of Impossibility

Christine V. Lao

From "The Difference Between Abundance and Grace"

Zoltan Kacsuk

From “Game-like Realism” to the “Imagination-oriented Aesthetic”: Reconsidering Bourdieu’s Contribution to Fan Studies in the Light of Japanese Manga and Otaku Theory

Isti Haryati

From Bertolt Brecht to Nano Riantiarno: Corruption in The Threepenny Opera and Opera Ikan Asin

E. San Juan, Jr.

From Birmingham to Angkor Wat: Demarcations of Contemporary Cultural Studies

Carissa Pobre

From Composition Series

Carlos Quijon, Jr.

from Dossier on Specific Fabrications

Ned Parfan

From Epistles, Part 2

T. Randahl Morris

From Healing to Hope: The Continuing Influence of the Chilean Arpilleras

Joel David

From Hostesses to Working Girls: Sex Workers in Late 1970s Philippine Cinema

Mark Anthony Cayanan

from I Look at My Body and See the Source of My Shame: Site Specific

Mark Anthony Cayanan

from I Look at My Body and See the Source of My Shame: Site Specific

Angelo V. Suarez

From Leisure

Silvia Colombo

From Leonardo to Picasso (1939–1953): The Masters Who Marked War and Peace in Milan

Ingyu Oh

From Localization to Glocalization: Contriving Korean Pop Culture to Meet Glocal Demands

Carlos V. Reyes

From Nostalgia to Nirvana: A Buddhist Epistemological Approach to Diasporic Literary Forms

Holger Schwetter

From Record Contract to Artrepreneur? Musicians’ Self-Management and the Changing Illusio in the Music Market

Maria Chona S. Lin

From Research to Practice: Considering Context and the Teacher as Theorist

Jonathan Beller

From Social Realism to the Specter of Abstraction: Conceptualizing the Visual Practices of H. R. Ocampo

Tito Imanda

From Stage to Screen: Early Filmmaking of Indigenous Performers in Highland Central Java

9 (2007)

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