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Dae-geun Lim, Donghyun Kim

A Portrait of a Modern Chinese Youth in Diaspora: Re-reading Yu Da-fu’s Novels

Charlie Samuya Veric

Ang Dapat Mabatid ng Planetaryong Filipino: San Juan versus Almario

Theodore S. Gonzalves

Dancing Into Oblivion: The Pilipino Cultural Night and the Narration of Contemporary Filipina/o America

Wilfredo Pascual

Devotion II

Clod Marlan Krister V. Yambao

Global Aestheticscapes: Re-imag(in)ing the Global Experiences of Selected Filipino Artists Through Their Installation Artworks

Ma. Socorro Q. Perez

Ilocano Immigrants’ Renegotiation of Space in GUMIL Hawaii Fiction (Circa 80s)

Dolors Ortega

Indian Ocean Nomadic Diasporas: Destabilizing Master Narratives of Belonging in M. G. Vassanji’s Short Fiction

Josephine M.T. Khu

José Tan Sunco

Sherwin Mendoza

Landlessness, War, and Displacement in Literatures of Mindanao and Sulu

Oscar Tantoco Serquiña, Jr.

Out and About: Migrant Bakla, Perverse Intimacies, and the Musical of Migration in Liza Magtoto's Care Divas

Jeffrey Arellano Cabusao

Reading Carlos Bulosan/Documenting the Filipino Diaspora

Richard T. Chu

Reconstituting Histories of Filipino Families with Chinese Ancestry: Methodology, Sources, and Relevance

Christine Vicera

Remembering and Re-membering Home: Asynchronicity as Postcolonial Poetics in 21st Century Southeast Asian Diasporic Narratives

Richard Chu

The “Chinaman” Question: A Conundrum in US Imperial Policy in the Pacific

Gloria G. Gonzales

The Alien, the Citizen, and the Triumphant Capitalist

Hope Sabanpan-Yu

The Burden of Globalization: Diasporic Dimensions in Peter Bacho’s Cebu and Elaine Castillo’s America Is Not the Heart

Joseph Ching Velasco

The Contingencies of Chinese Diasporic Identities in Charlson Ong’s Speculative Fiction

Theodore S. Gonzalves

The Day the Dancers Stayed: Expressive Forms of Culture in the United States

Jooyoung Kim

The Identity of a Young Intellectual of Colonial Korea: Focusing on Into the Light by Sa-ryang Kim

Sharkdam Wapmuk, Oluwatooni Akinkuotu, Vincent Ibonye

The Nigerian Diaspora and National Development: Contributions, Challenges, and Lessons from Other Countries

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