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Pacita Habana

A Bibliographical Note: Ibrahim A. Jubaira, 1939-1979

Josefa M. Saniel

A Bibliography of Asian Studies: An Annotated Bibliography of the Theses and Dissertations on Asia Accepted at Syracuse University

Teresa Cruz

A Bibliography of Frank Lynch, S.J.

Florentino H. Hornedo

A Bibliography of Philippine Studies by William Henry Scott, Historian

Charles van den Ouwelant, M.S.C.

A Bishop Resigns

Austin V. Dowd

A Blessed Old Age: Making the Latter Years Count

Emmanuel V. Non

A Brief for Kerygmatics: Confranternity Teacher's Guide

Deogracias T. Reyes

A Brief History of Divorce Legislation in the Philippines

Carlos Quirino

A Britisher in Southern Philippines

Mercelino A. Foronda, Jr.

A Catalog of Filipiniana at Valladolid

Ruben L. F. Habito

A Catholic Debate on God: Dewart and Lonergan

M.D. Litonjua

A Century of Activism

Eugenio Nierras, Jr.

A Challenge to Economic Discussion: Money to Grow On

Francis Senden

A Challenge to the modernizing Elite

Carlos Quirino

A Checklist of Documents on Gomburza from the Archdiocesan Archives of Manila

Sister Ann Stephen

A Cheerful Giver: Umfundisi, by Fr. Thomas M. Calkins, O.S.M

John N. Schumacher

A Church History: The Christian Centuries

R. Eugene Moran

A Comparative Study of Malaysian and Indonesian Economics: Socialism and Private Enterprise in Equatorial Asia

Lourdes H. Vidal

A Comparative Study of the Malaysian and the Philippines War Novels

Carla Gamalinda

A Contribution to the History of the Jesuit Press in Manila through a Study of Graphic Art (1622–1768)

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