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Noah Theriault, Kristian Karlo Saguin

“Panoptic na Pag-unlad”? On the Perils and Potentials of “Smart” Urbanism in Manila

Abisai Pérez

“Philippine Indios Were European Constitutional Spaniards”: Filipino Reception of the Cádiz Constitution, 1813–1814

Harold Olofson, Araceli Tiukinhoy

“Plain Soldiers”: Muro-Ami Fishing in Cebu

Greg Bankoff

“The Tree as the Enemy of Man”: Changing Attitudes to the Forests of the Philippines, 1565-1989

Czarina Saloma

“Thin Texts” and Texting

Anthony D. Medrano

“This Wonderful Telegraph”: Plants, Cables, and the Wiring of the Sulu Sea, 1898–1903

Justin Jose A. Bulado

“We All Must Work, Fight, or Starve”: The Food Supply Problem in Negros Oriental during the Japanese Occupation

Caroline Sy Hau

“Where Does the Laughter of the Noli Come From?”

H. Arlo Nimmo

“You Will Remember us Because We Have Sung For You”

Roderick G. Galam

(En)Countering Martial Law: Rhythmanalysis, Urban Experience in Metro Manila, and Ilokano Literature (1980–1984)

Aristotle Dy, S.J.

12 Philippine Women Writers, by Bonifacio

Fund for Assistant to Private Education

1989 College Faculty Survey

Auggusta De Almeidda


Ma. Teresa Wright

28-88: A Linte to the Times

Neils Mulder


G. W. Healy, S.J.

A 'Library' on Modern Marriage: Design for Successful Marriage

Jose Maria Francia, S.J.

A "Grass-Roots" View of Asian Christianity: Christianity in the Asian Revolution

Miguel A. Bernad

A "Non-Book" on the Philippines

Niels Mulder

A Banahaw Guru, by Marasigan

Kathy Nadeau

A Basic Ecclesial Community in Cebu

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