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Emmanuel Torres

"Because it is there"...The Philippines at the 32nd Venice Biennale

John N. Schumacher

"Benevolent Assimilation"

Carmita Legarda Carrion

"Carmen" in Tagalog

Miguel A. Bernad

"Conversations" with a University President: In His Image and Likeness

V. Marasigan

"Diamond Ring" Eclipse Phase

Florentino H. Hornedo

"Indayuan," An Amburayan Migration Song on Flight from Oppression

Caroline Sy Hau

"Patria é intereses" Reflections on the Origins and Changing Meanings of Ilustrado

Antonio G. Manuud

"Poetas Filipinos": Peotica

Francis E. Reilly

"Sacra Doctrina" in St. Thomas Aquinas

Joseph A. Galdon, S.J.

"The Genesis of a Troubled Vision"

Nicolas Zafra

"The Revolt of the Masses": Critique of a Book

Ramon Guillermo

“Ang manğa Ualang Auang Jalimao” The First Katipunan Document and the Mysterious Letter “J”

Grant K. Goodman

“As The Days Go By: Throbs of Grateful Hearts”: Reeducation Under the Japanese of Filipino POWs at Camp Del Pilar, Dau, Pampanga, 1942

Stewart Lockie

“Banana Wars” : The Food Security Implications of the Australia-Philippines Agricultural Trade Dispute

Leo Angelo Nery

“Feminine Invasion”: Women and Philippine Pharmacy in the Early Twentieth Century

Juan Fernandez

“From Savages to Soldiers”: Igorot Bodies, Militarized Masculinity, and the Logic of Transformation in Dean C. Worcester’s Philippine Photographs

L. M. Grow

“Hufana in Excelsis”: Dredging for Poetic Nuggets

Jose Monfred C. Sy

“It Takes a Movement to Build Schools”: A Historical and Pedagogical Sketch of the Lumad Schools vis-à-vis the Lumad Social Movement

Gideon Lasco

“Little Brown Brothers”: Height and the Philippine–American Colonial Encounter (1898–1946)

Juan Antonio Inarejos

“Moral Influence” in Asia: Political Practice and Electoral Corruption in the Spanish Philippines

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