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Surviving a Reclamation Project: Shifting Fisherfolk Provisioning Strategies in a Metropolitan City

Zona Hildegarde S Amper

Terrence Chong, ed., Pentecostal Megachurches in Southeast Asia: Negotiating Class, Consumption and the Nation


The Asian Dilemma

Eduardo Araral

The Coloniality of Global Knowledge Production: Theorizing the Mechanisms of Academic Dependency

Caroline Schöpf

The Contours of Mass Violence in Indonesia, 1965–1968 by Douglas Kammen and Katharine McGregor, Eds.

Rommel A. Curaming

The Digital Age and Its Transformations

Raul Pertierra

The Hegemony of Care and the Creativity of Resistance

Jose Jowel Canuday

The Malaysian Plot: Marcos, Sabah, and the Origins of Moro Secessionism

Erwin S. Fernandez

The People-to-People Dimension of China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Native Chinese Teachers’ Accounts of Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Philippines

Jane Yugioksing

The Problem-Solving Mode: Social Scientists Back Home and the Limits of Critique

Czarina Saloma

The Recruitment of Female “Mules” by Transnational Criminal Organizations: Securitization of Drug Trafficking in the Philippines and Beyond

Stéphanie Martel

The Rise of Islamic State ISIS and the New Sunni Revolution by Patrick Cockburn

Janus Isaac V. Nolasco

The South on the South: Interview with Raewyn Connell

Lisandro E. Claudio, Karl Cheng Chua

The Supremacy of the Executive: Elitist Politics in Indonesia’s Decentralized Reality

Joan Ricart-Angulo

The University Socialist Club and the Contest for Malaya: Tangled Strands of Modernity by Kah Seng Loh, Edgar Liao, Cheng Tju Lim, and Guo Quan Seng

Soon Chuan Yean

Thoughts on Theorizing from the South: An Interview with John Comaroff

John Comaroff, Lisandro E. Claudio

Time and Southern Theories: Relation, Consequences, and Debates

Ana Beatriz Martins

Transforming (Sub)Regional Order(s): The Three-Layered Order of the Greater Mekong Subregion

Narut Charoensri

Transforming Practices, Emancipatory Values

Jose Jowel Canuday

Transnational Ideas and Connections: Understanding Asian Civil Society Activism

Dominique Caouette, Clara Boulianne Lagacé, Denis Côté

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