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Ma. Socorro Q. Perez

Translation Politics in Ilocano- Hawaiian Writing

Jose Perez Beduya, Allan Popa

Translations of Poems from "Morpo"

Public Information Department BAYAN

Tribute to Doreen Gamboa Fernandez

Baltazar N. Endriga

Tribute to Doreen Gamboa Fernandez

Klaas Tindemans

Truth, Justice, and Performative Knowledge: Chokri Ben Chikha’s Theatrical “Truth Commission” on (Neo)colonial Injustices

Christian Jil R. Benitez

Tungo sa Dalumat ng Bayan: Isang Metonimiya

Pauline Lacanilao

Turn and Return

Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez

Turning from the Margins: Discoursing Heidegger at the End of Life as We Know It

Erika Carreon


Harry Aveling

Two Approaches to the Positioning of Translations: A Comparative Study of Itamar Even-Zohar’s Polysystem Studies and Gideon Toury’s "Descriptive Translation Studies and Beyond"

Alfonso Manalastas

Two Poems

Theodore S. Gonzalves

Two-Part Invention: A Response

Ekaterina Baklanova

Types of Borrowings in Tagalog/Filipino

Mary Jane Ainslie, Sarah Domingo Lipura, Joanne Lim

Understanding the Potential for a Hallyu “Backlash” in Southeast Asia: A Case Study of Consumers in Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines

Kathrine D. Ojano

Unreading the Novel, or Experiencing Ninotchka Rosca's State of War as Mythopoeia

Charlie Samuya Veric

Vernacular World Making: E. San Juan, Jr. and the Rehearsal for the New International

Dale Luis Menezes

Vimala Devi's Bhatcars and the Mundcars: Laborers, Landlords, and Culture in Goa

Josh Uyheng


John Bengan


Emeka Aniago, Norbert Oyibo Eze, Stella Okoye-Ugwu, Divine Sheriff Jose

Vultures and Candles as Metaphors of Leadership Failures in Emeka Nwabueze’s A Parliament of Vultures and Uche-Chinemere Nwaozuzu’s The Candles

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