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Tim Prentki

A Dog's Obeyed in Office: Beyond the Boalian Binary

Neslie Carol Tan

A Double-edged Reading of Gourlay’s Children Fiction Books

Rocío Ortuño Casanova

A Journey through Spanish Literature on the Philippines: From the Late Nineteenth Century to the Twenty-first Century

Gabriela Lee

A Lover's Guide to Breakfast Places

Haifeng Hui

A Morally Oriented Crusoe from the West to the East: Brain Text and the Formation of a World Literature Canon

Inseop Shin

A Narrative of Those on the Move: The Case of Takeo Arishima

Wenyan Yin

A New Model for Globalization in the Film Industry: Lessons from Sino-US Film Co-productions

Taeyun Yu

A One-Off Foregrounding in Korean Film: Pornography, Erotica, Technology, Desire

Dae-geun Lim, Donghyun Kim

A Portrait of a Modern Chinese Youth in Diaspora: Re-reading Yu Da-fu’s Novels

Jiayi Chen

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Teenager: Ethical Literary Criticism and David Mitchell’s Black Swan Green

Ramon Guillermo

A Pouring Out of Words: Das Kapital in Bahasa Indonesia Translation

Lila Ramos Shahani

A Question of Izzat: Honor, Shame, and Ownership Among Sunni Muslims in South Asia and the British Diaspora

Jonathan Chua

A Reaction to “Modernist Poetic Practices in English Poetry from Southeast Asia: A Comparison Between Jose Garcia Villa and Arthur Yap”

Delia D. Aguilar

A Response

Hyunyoung Lee, Jooyoung Kim

A Study on Reconstruction of Movement and Space in Bashō's Haiku: Movement and Space on Horse

Jinhyoung Lee

A Translation of "On the Road" by Namcheon Kim

Peter Horn

A Tribute

Jan Baetens

A Tribute to Lulu Reyes

Christian Jil R. Benitez

A Tropical Traumaturgy: Rereading the Folk in "May Bagyo Ma't May Rilim"

Richard Calayeg Cornelio


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