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Terry Phillips

Sean O'Casey and Radical Theatre

Michelle T. Tan

Seek and You Will Find

Raymond John De Borja

Selected Days

Vincenz Serrano

Selections from "The Collapse of What Separates Us"

Charlson Ong

Shadow Lands, Strange Light

Chryssa Celestino

Shattering Silence: Tracing Speciesism in Philippine Children’s Literature

Aaron Rom O. Moralina

Short Notations and Reflections on Pantayong Pananaw

Virgilio S. Almario

Si E. San Juan Bilang "Interpretant"

Louie Jon A. Sánchez

Si Judy Ann Santos at ang Wika ng Teleserye

E. San Juan, Jr.

Signs, Meaning, Interpretation: C. S. Peirce’s Critique of Deconstruction and Post-Structuralism

E. San Juan, Jr.

Sisa's Vengeance: Rizal and the Mother of All Insurgencies

E. San Juan, Jr., Charlie Samuya Veric

Siyam na Awit ng Pag-ibig at Isang Interbensiyong Dalit ng Panibugho (Nine Love Songs and One Intervening Poem of Jealousy)

Ling Liu

Slow and Quick Violence: Illnesses and Injuries in America Is in the Heart

Kristine Reynaldo

Small Talk

E. San Juan, Jr.

Sneaking into the Philippines, Along the Rivers of Babylon: An Intervention into the Language Question

Teresa Tadem

Social Capital and the Martial Law Technocracy: The Making and Unmaking of a Power Elite

Tim Prentki

Socialist Shenanigans and Emerald Epiphanies: The Case of Margaretta D'Arcy and John Arden

Paolo Tiausas

Some Summer Sun

Marjorie Evasco

Song and Substance: Women Writing Poetry in Cebuano

Jen Mutia Eusebio

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