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E. San Juan, Jr.

Sneaking into the Philippines, Along the Rivers of Babylon: An Intervention into the Language Question

Teresa Tadem

Social Capital and the Martial Law Technocracy: The Making and Unmaking of a Power Elite

Tim Prentki

Socialist Shenanigans and Emerald Epiphanies: The Case of Margaretta D'Arcy and John Arden

Paolo Tiausas

Some Summer Sun

Marjorie Evasco

Song and Substance: Women Writing Poetry in Cebuano

Jen Mutia Eusebio

soundscape : transmit

Mary Mills, Janet Speake

Spaces of Affectivity: Innovating Interdisciplinary Discourse in Open, “Free” Space

Kar-Yen Leong

Speaking Across the Lines: 1965, the Family, and Reconciliation in Indonesia

Glecy C. Atienza

Spectacle! The Power of Protest Drama During Martial Law

Eugenio Matibag

Staging the Nation: Claro M. Recto’s Domestic Dramas

Mark Anthony Cayanan

Still Lifes with Fever

Jin Sup Jung, Min Jae Lee

Strategy for the Cultural Contents Industry to Secure Competitive Advantage Using Fourth Industrial Revolution Technology

Marianne Rachel C. Gutierrez

Studying Teacher Cognition: The Interplay of Teacher Beliefs and Instructional Practice

Charlie Samuya Veric

Subaltern Planet of Cultural Studies

E. San Juan, Jr.

Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent at the Gates of Vienna

Esther Pujolràs-Noguer

Suspended Paradise: Survival and Storytelling in Abdulrazak Gurnah’s Afterlives

Yeon W. Lee

Synergistic Co-operations in the Cosmetic Industry: Learning and Convergence between Firms and Social Media

Taher Bahrani, Shu Sim Tam

Technology and Language Learning: Exposure to TV and Radio News and Speaking Proficiency

Marie Rose Arong

Temporality in Nick Joaquin’s The Woman Who Had Two Navels

Richard Chu

The “Chinaman” Question: A Conundrum in US Imperial Policy in the Pacific

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