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Maria Luisa Torres Reyes

Critical Crossings: Hybridity’s Fissures and Ruptures

Isaac Donoso

Crónica de Filipinas en la Poesía de Zoilo Hilario

Bonifacio P. Ilagan

Crossing Borders: Philippine Activist Theater and Martial Law

Yang Ke

Cultural Capital and the Tale of Two Lu Xuns

Niamh Malone

Culture as Contradiction in Urban Regeneration: Sanitization, Commodification and Critical Resistance in Liverpool One

Hope Sabanpan-Yu

Culture on Trial: Translating Gremer Chan Reyes' Men at Sea

Mila D. Aguilar

Daisy Bomb

Theodore S. Gonzalves

Dancing Into Oblivion: The Pilipino Cultural Night and the Narration of Contemporary Filipina/o America

Martin Villanueva


Heather Acott

Dark Humor: Satire, the Baroque, and the Carnivalesque in Patricia Schonstein’s Banquet at Brabazan and Ingrid Winterbach’s The Elusive Moth

Francezca Kwe

Days of Rain

Wai Chew Sim, Chuah Guat Eng

Days of Yore, Days of Change

Cyril Belvis

Death, Event, and a Deconstruction of Gihapon in "Flores ni Maria Santisima"

Jan Kevin Rivera

Deaths in Distance

Jeffrey Arellano Cabusao

Decolonizing Knowledges: Asian American Studies, Carlos Bulosan, and Insurgent Filipino Diasporic Imagination

Sangkyu Lee

Deepening Conditions of Precarity in the Korean Game Industry and Collaborative Strategies to Overcome Constraints

Regine Cabato

Deliverance and Other Poems

Gary Anderson, Lena Simic

Democracy is Not Possible Here: A Private Argument in Public

Behnam Fomeshi

Democratic Poetics: A Comparative Study of the US and Iran

Allan Popa

Deposition of the Cross and Other Poems

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