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Dafna Ruppin

“Komedi within Komedi”: Moving Pictures and Intermedial Crossings in Turn-of-the-Century Colonial Indonesia

Coeli Barry

“Not Here to Steal Sheep”: A Reading of the History and Politics of Catholicism in Thailand

John Streamas

Always Moving Toward Justice

Ivan Emil Labayne

Bedeviling Quijano De Manila’s Discourses of the Devil’s Advocate

Bayani Santos, Jr.

Bernal as Auteur: Primary Biographical Notes

Patricia May B. Jurilla

Conflicts and Contests: A History of the Filipino Novel in English

Vicente L. Rafael

Empire and Globalization: On the Recent Study of the Philippines in the United States

Preciosa De Joya

Exorcising Communist Specters and Witch Philosophers: The Struggle for Academic Freedom of 1961

Kar-Yen Leong

Filling in the Gaps: Remembering the 1965 Killings in Indonesia

Kar-Yen Leong

Filling in the Gaps: Remembering the 1965 Killings in Indonesia

E. San Juan, Jr.

From Birmingham to Angkor Wat: Demarcations of Contemporary Cultural Studies

Silvia Colombo

From Leonardo to Picasso (1939–1953): The Masters Who Marked War and Peace in Milan

Rosario Cruz-Lucero

Gods, Monsters, Heroes, and Tricksters in Adelina Gurrea’s Cuentos de Juana

Patrick Flores

In the Defiles of Abstraction

Gerald Burns

Intellectual Portrait Gallery: Augusto Fauni Expiritu’s "Five Faces of Exile"

J. Coplen Rose

Kaleidoscopic Visions of South Africa: A Study of State and Station in Imraan Coovadia’s Tales of the Metric System

Felicity Hand

Lindsey Collen: Indoceanic Solidarity

Jane Qian Liu

Memory Lost and Revived: Zhang Chengzhi's Fictional Works on Educated Youth Sent to the Countryside

Dinah T Roma

Narrative Rupture as History, or the Search for the “Missing Text” in Miguel Syjuco’s Ilustrado and Gina Apostol’s The Revolution According to Raymundo Mata

Bienvenido Lumbera

Philippine Theater in Confinement: Breaking Out of Martial Law

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