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Haifeng Hui

A Morally Oriented Crusoe from the West to the East: Brain Text and the Formation of a World Literature Canon

Yili Tang

Brain Text and Sphinx Factor: An Ethical Interpretation of Adultery in Julian Barnes's Fiction

Ercong Gao, Junwu Tian

Brain Text and Traumatic Postmemory in Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Hui Su

Brain Text Conversion and Cross-Cultural Integration: The Theatrical Adaptation and Performance of Shakespeare’s Comedies in China

Yun Lan

Brain Text in Graphic Form: Ethical Identity and Ethical Choices in David Small’s Stitches

Biwu Shang, Fong Keng Seng

Ethical Literary Criticism, Brain Text, and Ian McEwan's Machines Like Me

Zhenzhao Nie

Ethical Literary Criticism: Oral Literature and the Formation Mechanism of Brain Text

Gexin Yang, Hongxia Zheng

Ethical Selection and Brain Text: The Development of Ethical Literary Criticism

Xinyi Cao

How Animals Teach Us to Be Human: Brain Text and Post-Darwinian Animal Fable in Yann Martel’s Life of Pi

Biwu Shang, Maria Luisa Torres Reyes

Introduction to the Forum Kritika on Ethical Literary Criticism, Brain Text, and New Readings of World Literature

Biwu Shang, Maria Luisa F. Torres Reyes

Introduction: Ethical Literary Criticism, Brain Text, and New Readings of World Literature

Qingji He

Multiple Brain Texts and Trauma Writing in Don DeLillo’s Falling Man

Yanyan Jia, Houliang Chen

Problematizing the Validity of Neuroethics and Moral Treatment: Brain Text as a New Humanistic Approach to Moral Education

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