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Thomas J. O'Shaughnessy

A Note on Sorrow for Sin in the Qur'ān

James McTavish, F.M.V.D.

A Pastoral Question on IVF and Embryo Adoption

James McTavish

A Reflection on the Experience of Missioning in Areas of Prostitution

Raul J. Bonoan

A Revelation Debate: The Rizal-Pastells Correspondence

Braulio Peña, O.P.

A Seemingly Crippled Jesus: Jesus, A Symbol of God by Roger Haight

Helen R. Graham

A Sociological Study of the Old Testament

Francis D. Alvarez, S.J.

A Test Case for Recent Reflections on Inspiration: How Can Psalm 137 Be Inspired?

Jose Mario C. Francisco, S.J.

Action and Contemplation

Bernardita Dianzon, F.S.P.

Adam Language in Genesis and Early Judaism: A Survey

Vicente Marasigan

Advocatus Diaboli

Vicente Marasigan

Advocatus Diaboli Questioned

Catalino G. Arévalo, S.J.

After Vatican II: Theological Reflection in the Church in the Philippines 1965-1987

Vitaliano R. Gorospe

AIDS: Theological and Pastoral Perspectives

Norlan H. Julia, S.J.

Aloysius Pieris’s Asian Liberation Theology and Its Challenges to the Church’s Mission in Asia

James H. Kroeger, M.M.

An Appeal to the Church: The Mission of the Church in Asia by Generoso M. Florez

James H. Kroeger, M.M.

An Asian Theology of Liberation by Aloysius Pieris

Jojo M. Fung, S.J.

An Emerging Mystic Theology of Sustainability Amidst Rapid Changes for an Indigenous Church of Asia

John N. Schumacher

An Epistle of a Friar-Prisoner, 1898-1900 By Lino A. Dizon

Maria Alem L. Coching, FMA

An Exegesis of the Seven “I am” Statements in the Fourth Gospel

John N. Schumacher

An Introduction to the Catholic Church of Asia by Francis X. Clark

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