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Kanami Namiki

“Maranao-ness” Reconsidered:The Impact of Islam on Maranao Dance

David Torevell

“What We Have to Be Is What We Are”: Re-Discovering an Ontology of Unity in The Asian Journal of Thomas Merton

Mari-Jo P. Ruiz

2020 in Watercolor

Markus Ekkehard Locker, Udo Goebel

A Balanced Faith, a Balanced Life: Another Key to Happiness

Gabriela Lee

A Balancing Act: Negotiating Relationships in Two Contemporary Young Adult Novels from the Philippines

Adolfo N. Dacanáy, S.J.

A Bibliography of Adolfo N. Dacanáy, S.J.

An Mercado Alcantara

A Community-Based Teaching Art Gallery: Casa San Pablo Opens an Art Space for Public School Teachers

Nikki B. Carsi Cruz

A Dancer’s Discipline and Diligence in the Drafts of Leonor Orosa-Goquingco

Nikki B. Carsi Cruz

A Decade of PAHA: Highlights from Our Journey Thus Far

Eugenio Matibag

A Filipino Painter in Paris: Juan Luna in the Field of Cultural Production

Judy Celine Ick

A Forbidden Love: Notes on the Print History of Romeo and Juliet in the Philippines

Lisa Claypool

A Glance at Nanjing

Arwin Tan

A Man and His Music: An Autobiography by Angel M. Peña

Gémino H. Abad

A Poetics by the Word

Karl S. Comiling, Rachel Joyce Marie O. Sanchez

A Postcolonial Critique of Amartya Sen’s Capability Framework

Jane T. Yugioksing

A Spring Festival Celebration with the Youxie Delegation in Ateneo

Arturo Hilado

A Survey of Theater in Metro Manila: Selected Productions (January– December 2017)

Li Zhongtao

A True Literatus: Reminiscences of Professor Yang Haocheng

Arturo Hilado

A Year of Theater Lockdown

Edgar Fernandez

A Year to Remember by Edgar Fernandez

2 (2011)

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