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Regina Groyon

A Note on Pio Ga. Sedonio

Juan R. Francisco

A Note on the Golden Image of Agusan

Albert Chan, S.J.

A Note on the Shih-lu of Juan Cobo

Mary R. Hollnsteiner

A Note to Management on Traditional Filipino Values in Business Enterprises

Ma. Teresa Wright

A Personal Chronicle, by Salanga

Michael McPhelin

A Philippine Economic Geography: Shadows on the Land

Nina Trige Andersen

A Philippine History of Denmark: From Pioneer Settlers to Permanently Temporary Workers

Review Author: Jaime C. Joaquin

A Philippine Text: Science In Our Surroundings

Aida C. Caluag

A Philippines Rural School: Its Cultural Dimension

Joseph Scalice

A Planned and Coordinated Anarchy: The Barricades of 1971 and the “Diliman Commune”

Leonard Casper

A Pluralistic View of Filipinism in Literature

Herman Hendrickx, C.I.C.M.

A Poor Man Called Jesus, by Pallares

Michael McPhelin

A Practical Man's Economics Guide: The Planning and Execution of Economic Development

Miguel A. Bernad, S.J.

A Prayer for Renewal

Joseph A. Galdon, S.J.

A Priest to the World, by Mella

Renato Fernandez

A Primer of the Negritos of the Philippines

Alfredo Navarro Salanga

A Prologue

Noel D. Vasquez, S.J.

A Proposed Practicum Course: Towards University Participation in Direct Social Development

Michael W. Roschlau

A Provincial Public Transport

Bruce Cruikshank

A Puzzle about Padrones: Tribute in the Eighteenth-Century Spanish Philippines

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