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Henry B. McCullough

A Useful Text: The Elements of Logic

Melvin G. Holli

A View of the American Campaign Against “Fillipino Insugents”: 1900

Rosario C. Lucero

A Voice from Many Rivers (Su Gesalan nu nga Subaanen di Melaun Tinubigan): Central Subanen Oral and and Written Literature by 30 Subanen, translated and annotated by Felicia Brichoux

Rosario Cruz Lucero

A Voice from Mt. Apo: Oral and Written Essays on the Culture and World View of the Manobo by Manuel Arayam and others Editor: Melchor Bayawan Translator: Ena E. Vander Molen

Doreen G. Fernandez

A Voice from the Hills, by Polenda

Manuel B. Dy

A Way of Thinking and Living Called Chinese

Ma. Luisa Aguilar-Carino

A Weaving-Song

Isa Lacuna

A Year of Clouds: Storm and Cloud Tropes between the Manila Observatory and the Katipunan, 1896–1897

Renato L. Santos

Aba! Alimuom sa Katapusan ng Marso

Joseph A. Galdon

Abad, Aristotle, and a Philippine Poetic

Volume 7 Number 1 1959

Abbreviations used in the Footnotes

Review Author: Gerald W. Healy, S.J.

Aborting America

E. Vallado Daroy

Abrogation and Appropriation: Post-Colonial Literature in the Philippines

Sister Mary Caritas

Accent on the Child: Methods and Curricula in Elementary Education

James J. Meany

Accreditation of Private Schools

Francisco Benitez

Acquiring Eyes: Philippine Visuality, Nationalist Struggle, and the World-Media System by Jonathan Beller

Joshua Kueh

Adaptive Strategies of Parián Chinese: Fictive Kinship and Credit in Seventeenth-Century Manila

Ian Clark R. Parcon

Adele Webb Chasing Freedom: The Philippines’ Long Journey to Democratic Ambivalence

Nicholas A. Kunket

Adult Education in the Philippines

Charles R. McKenney

Adult Education: Handbook of Catholic Adult Education

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