Contacts and Continuities

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July 01, 2021

The topics are clustered around four themes, the “legacies” of the fateful contact started five hundred years ago: seafaring and trade, ideas and identity formation, institutions, and forms of expression. A special panel with filmmakers Kidlat Tahimik from Baguio and Pedro Palma from Lisbon, New York-based writer Luis Francia, and Malaysian artist and sculptor Ahmad Fuad Osmadon on their representations of Enrique de Malacca will also be held

“Contacts and Continuities: 500 Years of Iberian-Asian Relations” promises to illuminate the conditions that enabled such intercultural encounters as befell the Iberian Peninsula and Asia, the technics and knowledge that underpin and spring from these encounters, and the many new or hybrid identities, products, and signifying practices that such encounters effected.

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