The Asia-Pacific Christian immigrants and non-immigrants have a huge impact on Western Christianity. Therefore, special pastoral care, faith, and spiritual formation should be given to immigrant families so that they can become efficient lay missionaries. Unfortunately, proper faith formation of the lay faithful is lacking in the Church, while by virtue of their baptism, they are also called to witness Christ in the world. The formation and training of Christians in the faith is essential so that as Christ’s disciples, they may become his efficient witnesses in the world. For this reason, Jesus took three years in training and forming his apostles to evangelize the nations (Mark 16:18–19; Matt 10; 28:18–20). Jesus’ formation of the apostles is a paradigm for us. Faith and spiritual formation imply journeying with a disciple along the path of righteousness and way of life of Christ. Every Christian should be properly schooled in the faith and Christ’s way of life to be useful for God’s work of salvation.

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