To Change a Culture: Reflections on One Attempt to Help Theology Students Reconsider Assumptions

Christine E Burke, I.B.V.M.

Submitted Date: Oct 23, 2021


In a time described by Pope Francis as “not an era of change but a change of era,” assisting students to examine assumptions which are embedded in their culture is critical. Manila has many institutions dedicated to theological and pastoral formation. In a post Vatican II church, where baptism is recognized as empowering all to use their gifts as 'priests, prophets and kings'(spiritual leadership, commitment to justice, and governance), how can we help students to participate in a church challenged by the equality of women and men? Feminist theology offers rich resources to enable students to recognize and support the gifts of all God's people. This article reflects on two years of teaching seminarians to engage with feminist thought in a few key areas of theology.

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