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Amanda Nicole C. Collantes

A Rehabilitation of the Body as Home: Reconstructing Young’s Feminist Phenomenology

José C.J. Magadía

A Second Look at Philippine Democratization: Developments in Policy-making

Miguel A. Bernad

A Surgeon By Accident: Rizal and the Medical Profession

Daniel Chen Ratilla

A Tale of Two Walls: A Comparison of the Green Wall Projects in Inner Mongolia and the Sahelo-Saharan Regions

Preciosa Regina Ang De Joya

A Vision of Hell: Walter Benjamin’s Angelus Novus and the Catastrophe of Progress

Felice Prudente Sta. Maria

A Vocabulary of Philippine Food and Well-being

Trevor Hogan

A Walk in the Cordilleras-September 1986 part 1

Trevor Hogan

A Walk in the Cordilleras-September 1986 part 2.

Matthew Parfitt

A Yield of Whispers: Frost's "Mowing" and Heidegger's "Earth and World"

David Loy

A Zen Cloud? Comparing Zen Koan Practice with The Cloud of Unknowing

Remi Peeters

About the Belief that Everything is Possible: Hannah Arendt's Analysis of Totalitarianism


Abraham’s Silence

James Bernauer

After Heidegger: Toward a Post-Fascist Politics of Spirit

Enrique Dussel

Agenda for a South-South Philosophical Dialogue

Erwin R. Tiongson

Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez, Governing the Other: Exploring the Discourse of Democracy (Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2009), 234 pp.

Peter Murphy

America: The Janus Nation

Rowena A Azada-Palacios

Amia Srinivasan's The Right to Sex

Daniel Chen Ratilla

Amy Tan: The Bonesetter’s Daughter

Stan Tyvoll

An Anselmian-Quiescence Approach to the Problem of Grace and Merit

Arthur Madigan

An Aristotelian Method for Contemporary Ethics: The Contribution of Martha Nussbaum

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