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''And Cain Said to Abel: _____'': Filling in the blanks while moving 'beyond the tribal' with Levinas and Derrida

Rudi Visker

''People Power'' Revolution: Perspectives from Hannah Arendt and Jürgen Habermas

Rowena B. Azada, Ranilo B. Hermida

''Speak, Memory'': The Joy of Interviewing Writers

Doreen G. Fernandez

"Like Straw": Religion and Psychoanalysis

William J. Richardson

"Regimes of Truth"

Rainier A Ibana

"Transcendence" Between Anthropology and Metaphysics: A Concept in Need of Rethinking

Puntel B. Lorenz

“INVINCIBLE GOODNESS” Levinas on socio-political responsibility, its hither side and beyond, in dialogue with Vasily Grossman

Roger Burggraeve, SDB

“The political philosophy that Kant did not write”: The Potential for Politics and Political Community in Kant’s Third Critique

Rizalino Noble Malabed

A Crisis of the Humanities? Reflections on the Role of the Humanities in the Global University

Scott Doidge, John Doyle, Rhonda Siu

A Critical Dialogue with Veritatis Splendor and a Proposal New Ground for Discussion

Ma. Christina A. Astorga

A Daughter’s Anxieties on Childhood, Adulthood, and Motherhood

Leal Rodriguez

A Family Affair: Family and Feminism in Contemporary Irish Women’s Fiction


A Lamp Shop in Sao Paolo; The Alabama Experiment

Miguel A. Bernad

A Meditation on the Word Ought

Josef Velasquez

A Model of Hospitality for our Times

Yiu Sing Luke Chan

A Phenomenology of Human Place

Michael D. Moga

A Postscript—Changing Configurations of Gender and Family in the Philippines: Does Liberation Theology Provide a Cultural Framework for the Study of the Family?

Kathleen Nadeau

A Second Look at Philippine Democratization: Developments in Policy-making

José C.J. Magadía

A Surgeon By Accident: Rizal and the Medical Profession

Miguel A. Bernad

A Tale of Two Walls: A Comparison of the Green Wall Projects in Inner Mongolia and the Sahelo-Saharan Regions

Daniel Chen Ratilla

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