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''And Cain Said to Abel: _____'': Filling in the blanks while moving 'beyond the tribal' with Levinas and Derrida

Rudi Visker

''People Power'' Revolution: Perspectives from Hannah Arendt and Jürgen Habermas

Rowena B. Azada, Ranilo B. Hermida

''Speak, Memory'': The Joy of Interviewing Writers

Doreen G. Fernandez

"Like Straw": Religion and Psychoanalysis

William J. Richardson

"Regimes of Truth"

Rainier A Ibana

"Transcendence" Between Anthropology and Metaphysics: A Concept in Need of Rethinking

Puntel B. Lorenz

“INVINCIBLE GOODNESS” Levinas on socio-political responsibility, its hither side and beyond, in dialogue with Vasily Grossman

Roger Burggraeve, SDB

“Is It Desirable to Do Philosophy With Students in Their Second Language?”

April Capili

“Sapere aude!” (“Dare to know!”): Learn to Teach Feminism

Rainier A. Ibana

“The political philosophy that Kant did not write”: The Potential for Politics and Political Community in Kant’s Third Critique

Rizalino Noble Malabed

A Crisis of the Humanities? Reflections on the Role of the Humanities in the Global University

Scott Doidge, John Doyle, Rhonda Siu

A Critical Dialogue with Veritatis Splendor and a Proposal New Ground for Discussion

Ma. Christina A. Astorga

A Daughter’s Anxieties on Childhood, Adulthood, and Motherhood

Leal Rodriguez

A Family Affair: Family and Feminism in Contemporary Irish Women’s Fiction


A Farewell Message

Leovino Ma. Garcia, Soledad S. Reyes

A Lamp Shop in Sao Paolo; The Alabama Experiment

Miguel A. Bernad

A Meditation on the Word Ought

Josef Velasquez

A Model of Hospitality for our Times

Yiu Sing Luke Chan

A Phenomenology of Human Place

Michael D. Moga

A Postscript—Changing Configurations of Gender and Family in the Philippines: Does Liberation Theology Provide a Cultural Framework for the Study of the Family?

Kathleen Nadeau

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