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Nicole Revel

The Teaching of the Ancestors

Andrew P. Porter, Edward C. Hobbs

The Trinity and the Indo-European Tripartite Worldview

Kelly Louise Rexzy Agra

The Triumph of Finitude After Hegel and the (Re)turn of a Philosophy of the Infinite through Badiou

Miguel A. Bernad

The Visual Element in Literature

Peter Beilharz

The Worlds We Create: Bauman Meets Foucault, and Some Others

Doreen G. Fernandez

Think and Write: Critical and Creative Thinking in the Freshman English Classroom

Agustin Martin g Rodriguez

Those At The Margins Do Speak In Their Own Voices

Alphonso Lingis

Three Essays

Jean P. Tan

Time and Paradox: Bertrand Russell and Slavoj Žižek on Zeno's Paradoxes of Motion

Michael Ner Mariano

To Think the Sexual Difference: Irigaray and the Psychoanalysis of Rationality

Michael Demetrius H. Asis

Toward a Filipino Christology

Tom Beaudoin

Toward Being a Theologian of Postmodern Culture

Costantinus Fatlolon

Toward the Deepening of Democracy in Indonesia: Assessing the Prospects and Problems from a Habermasian Perspective

Raul P. Lejano

Towards a Topological Concept of Rationality

Ramón Ma. Zaragoza

Trade, Commerce and Masterplans III part 1

Ramón Ma. Zaragoza

Trade, Commerce and Masterplans III part 2

Soledad S. Reyes

Transgression and Absolution in Si Tandang Bacio Macunat (1885)

Vicente L. Rafael

Translation and Revenge: Castilian and the Origins of Nationalism in the Philippines

John R. Sachs

Trinity and Communications: The Mystery and Task of Self-Communication

Timothy R. Montes

Turtle Season

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