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John McSweeney

Between the Weakness of Believing and Practices of the Self: Christianity and Culture in a Scientific Age with de Certeau and Foucault

Gladys B. Esteve

Beyond ‘Choice’: Theorizing Women’s Agency

Wilhelm S. Wurzer

Beyond an Aesthetics of the West: Hitchcock's Vertigo

Doreen G. Fernandez

Beyond Sans Rival: Exploring the French Influence in Philippine Gastronomy

Eric Robinson

Black Athena Revisited and the Debate Over the Origins of Greek Civilization

Benoît Vermander

Blessed are the Peacemakers: The Search for a Chinese Reading

Damien Roiland

Blue Bahay: More than a Place to Play


Buddha-Nature and Personality as the Ground of Ethics: A Metaethical Dialogue Between Dōgen and Berdyaev

David R. Loy

Buddhism and Poverty

Gail M. Presbey

Bukusu and Amazonian Perspectives on Harmonious Relations with the Other

Roger Burggraeve, SDB

Burggraeve English Publications on Levinas

Miguel A. Bernad

Butuan or Limasawa: The Site of the First Mass in the Philippines: A Reexaminationof the Evidence

Maximo V. Soliven

By the Way

Vir O. Montecastro

Calinan: Durian Country, 1979 Davao City (part 1)

Vir O. Montecastro

Calinan: Durian Country, 1979 Davao City (part 2)

Ramón Ma. Zaragoza

Capitan Juan De Salcedo I

Chris Eipper


Jovino Miroy

Carina and Emy in Boston

Michael Charleston "Xiao" Chua

Caroline S. Hau, Interpreting Rizal

Leovino Ma. Garcia

Cartography as the Narrative of Space: A Map Lover's Discourse

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