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J.Neill C. Garcia

Filipino Gay Writers Villa, Montano, Perez: Postcolonial Resistance and Hybridity

Miguel A. Bernad

Filipino Time

Edward de los Santos Cabagnot

Film Noir

Anjeline De Dios

Filomeno V. Aguilar, Jr.'s Migration Revolution: Philippine Nationhood and Class Relations in a Globalized Age

Felice Prudente Sta. Maria

Finding the IP (Indigenous People) in Each One of Us

Felice Prudente Sta. Maria

Fitting Food to Circumstances: Potential Contributions of Philippine Culinary Heritage to Disaster Risk Reduction

James Bernauer

Foucault and the Religious Question: A Manila Seminar

Perseville U. Mendoza

Foucault, Power, and Seminary Formation

Joseph R. Cronin

Foucault's Archeology: History Without Foundation

Paloma Polo

Four Images from Apparent Position (2012)


From Hiya to Dangal: A Critique of John Paul II’s theological anthropology in light of the experience of Filipino women

Jerry C. Respeto

From Italy to Laguna

Doreen G. Fernandez

From Ritual to Realism

Vir O. Montecastro

From the Ashes, 1978 Davao City

Vir O. Montecastro

From the Garbage, 1976 Quezon City

Darin McNabb

Functionalism and Pierce's Pragmaticism: Toward a More Viable Ontology of Mental States

Roy Allan Berango Tolentino

Futurity in the Early Levinas

Antonette Palma-Angeles

Gadamer on Play: A Phenomenological Description

Marella Ada V. Mancenido-Bolanos

Gareth Matthews and the Philosophy of Childhood

Gemino Abad

Gemino Abad Poems

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