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Olivier Abel

An Epic Vision of Christianity

Kelly Louise Rexzy P. Agra

An Inquiry into the Historical Development of Philosophy in Japan

Jerry C. Respeto

Ang Birheng Matimtiman

V. Fullente Suarez

Ang Maganda sa Teolohiya by José de Mesa, Estela P. Padilla, Levy L. Lanaria, Rebecca G. Cacho, Yuri D. Cipriano, George N. Capaque, Timoteo D. Gener

Anjeline De Dios

Anjeline De Dios Aletheia Unmasked - Photographs

Gregory C. Melleuish, Susanna G. Rizzo

Are Secular Politics Possible?

Lucas Kaelin

Around Manila on Foot: Hardt and Negri on the Commons

Jonathan Chua

Art in E.M. Forster's Where Angels Fear to Tread

John Ranieri

Athens, Jerusalem and the Good Society: Girardian Thoughts on Leo Strauss

Vicente L. Rafael

Awake in America: Poetry and the Ghost of Democracy

Doreen G. Fernandez

Balut to Barbecue: Philippine Streetfood

Trevor Hogan

Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, and Singapore

Rainier A. Ibana

Becoming Useless as a Measure of Success

Kenneth C. Masong

Becoming-Religion:Re-/thinking Religion with A. N. Whitehead and Keiji Nishitani

Rainier A. Ibana

Being Down to Earth

Rainier A Ibana

Being Human in the World with Others

Ben Abadiano

Ben Abadiano Photographs

Pamela Joy (PJ) Mariano Capistrano

Benjamin C. Bagadion, Jr. Investing in the Unseen: Cases on Biodiversity Conservation (Sourcebook for Development Management)

Abhik Gupta

Berries in Baskets versus Apples in Crates: Arguing for Ecocentrism in a Post-COVID World

Paolo A. Bolaños

Between Struggle and Peaceful Dialogue: An Overture to Honneth and Ricoeur on Recognition

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