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James Bernauer

Sexuality in the Nazi War Against Jewish and Gay People: A Foucauldian Perspective

Vir o Montecastro

Sirawan Diary, 1981 Davao City

Marco Cuevas-Hewitt

Sketching Towards an Archipelagic Poetics of Postcolonial Belonging

Chen Shiyu

Social Movements and the Contemporary Capitalist Nation State: Insights from Karatani Kôjin and the “Sunflower Movement”

Peter Murphy

Social Phusis and the Pattern of Creation

John N. Schumacher

Socioeconomic Classes in the Revolution

Jose Y. Dalisay, Jr.

Some Families, Very Large

Dondon S. Parafina

Some Notes on the Primacy of the Question in the Activity of Undestanding

Joaquin G. Bernas, S.J.

Sounding Board

Patrick H. Byrne

Spirit of Wonder, Spirit of Love: Reflections on the Work of Bernard Lonergan

Francis P. Xavier

Spirituality of Physics

Stephen Frederick T. Antig II

Stephen Frederick T. Antig II Photographs

Richard Kearney

Strangers, Gods and Monsters

Zosimo Lee

Stuart Hampshire on Moral Conflict

Leo M. Manglaviti

Suffering and Liberation in Dorothee Solle's Political Theology

Michael Demetrius H. Asis

Suffering, Salvation, and the Filipino: Francis Schüssler Fiorenza’s Theology of Divine Emancipatory Solidarity in the Context of Poverty and Marginalization

Joseph Emmanuel D. Sta. Maria

Sustaining Temporal Peace: A Worldview for Sustainable Living Inspired by Saint Augustine’s Philosophy

John Ian K. Boongaling

Taking Transcendental Idealism Seriously: Rethinking the Freedom and Determinism Debate

Joseph Emmanuel D. Sta. Maria

Teaching Ibn Sina’s Proof for God’s Existence

Rainier A. Ibana

Teaching Philosophy as Midwifery

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