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Michael Demetrius H. Asis

The Filipino Christ and the Historical Jesus

Miguel A. Bernad

The First Encounter: An Idyll of Innocence

Elaine M. Lazaro

The Fragility of Identity in the Age of Manufacture

Veronica Jereza

The Function of Memory in Understanding and Addressing Cultures of Impunity

Christopher Ryan Maboloc

The Human Person in Martha Nussbaum's Capabilities Ethics

Edna Zapanta Manlapaz

The Impact of English on PreWar Filipino Women Writers

Peter Amato

The Invisibility of Ethics and the Hermeneutics of Conduct

Miguel A. Bernad

The Jesuit Exploration of the Pulangi or Rio Grande de Mindanao: 1888-1890

Joseph Flanagan

The Jesuit University As A Counter-Culture

Jon D. Fuller, James F. Keenan

The Language of Human Rights and Social Justice in the Face of HIV-AIDS

Felice Prudente Sta. Maria

The Lure of Liking and Being Liked: Philippine Cuisine at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century

Khaimook Laopipattana

The Lyotardian Habermas: A Differential Discourse

Leovino Ma. Garcia

The Meaning of Being Human in Ricoeur's Philosophy of the Will

Leovino Ma. Garcia

The Meaning of Being Human in Ricoeur's Philosophy of the Will (Part Two)

Leovino Ma. Garcia

The Meaning of Human Existence in Ricoeur's Social-Political Writings: Part Three

Victoria B. Parco

The Mystery of God and of the Human Person in San Juan de la Cruz

Miguel A. Bernad

The Nature of Rizal's Farewell Poem

Miguel A. Bernad

The Old Man, the Sea, and Hemingway

Ian Clark R. Parcon

The Paradox of Deliberation: Jürgen Habermas and the Rational Approach to the Normative Theory of Democracy

Miguel A. Bernad

The Paradox of Shakespeare's Golden World

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