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Brian Ellwood

The Passage from Virtual Nihility to the Standpoint of Sunyata

Dennis Altman

The Philippines and Australia: Between Asia and the Pacific

Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez

The Play of the Self: The Self as the Gift of Différance

George H. Taylor

The Practice of Hermeneutics: The Legal Text and Beyond

Robert P. Burns

The Practices of the American Trial

Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez

The Priority of Differance Before Presence

Koga Takao

The Problem of Technology in Maruyama Masao’s Notion of Modernity in Japan’s “Overcoming of Modernity” Debate in 1942

Caroline S. Hau

The Question of Foreigners: Bai Ren's Nanyang Piaoliuji and the Re/making of Chinese and Philippine Nationness

Tracey Stark

The Renown of the Brave is Eternal: The White Rose and Arendt's Love of the World

Chris Eipper

The Revenge of the Oral

Miguel A. Bernad

The Schoolmaster's Predicament: Rizal's Dialogue on Education

Tran Van Doan

The Search for Authentic Understanding and the Birth of Radical Hermeneutics

Amosa L. Velez

The Silence of Nayanaya in Cebuano Songs

David Stagaman

The Social Construction of the Church

Anne F. Pomeroy

The Social Significance of Michel Foucault's Dialectical Negations

Neil Fettling

The Space of Palimpsest

Mark Francisco Jones

The Story Of Jesus Christ And The Story Of Anancy: Sources for Jamaican Theology

Peter Murphy

The Stranger Society: The Case of Economic and Social Development in the Tropics

Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo

The Tale of the Seamstress and the Seaman

Miguel A. Bernad

The Tamontaca Experiment in Southern Mindanao: 1861-1899

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