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Rizalino Noble Malabed

“The political philosophy that Kant did not write”: The Potential for Politics and Political Community in Kant’s Third Critique

Preciosa Regina Ang De Joya

A Vision of Hell: Walter Benjamin’s Angelus Novus and the Catastrophe of Progress

Kelly Louise Rexzy P. Agra

An Inquiry into the Historical Development of Philosophy in Japan

Kenneth C. Masong

Becoming-Religion:Re-/thinking Religion with A. N. Whitehead and Keiji Nishitani

Gail M. Presbey

Bukusu and Amazonian Perspectives on Harmonious Relations with the Other

Jovino De Guzman Miroy

Discontinuity and Continuity of Devotion The Virgin of Guadalupe from Mexico to Makati

Paloma Polo

Dwelling Near in Mountains Farthest Apart: A Conversation

Marella Ada V. Mancenido-Bolanos

Gareth Matthews and the Philosophy of Childhood

Roy Allan B. Tolentino

Good Soil: Bernanos and Kierkegaard on Overcoming Despair

Britta Saal

How to Leave Modernity Behind: The Relationship Between Colonialism and Enlightenment, and the Possibility of Altermodern Decoloniality

Farzaneh Shahrtash

Multidimensional Thinking in a Community of Inquiry vs. Critical Thinking

André Cloots

Philosophy and Modernity

Lorelei C. Mendoza

Philosophy and Transformative Learning: Lessons in Natural Resource Management from Cordillera Communities

Adriaan T. Peperzak

Philosophy within Faith?

Christianne A De Guzman

Reconsidering Resentment

Chen Shiyu

Social Movements and the Contemporary Capitalist Nation State: Insights from Karatani Kôjin and the “Sunflower Movement”

Joseph Emmanuel D. Sta. Maria

Teaching Ibn Sina’s Proof for God’s Existence

Kelly Louise Rexzy Agra

The Triumph of Finitude After Hegel and the (Re)turn of a Philosophy of the Infinite through Badiou

Costantinus Fatlolon

Toward the Deepening of Democracy in Indonesia: Assessing the Prospects and Problems from a Habermasian Perspective

Stephan Millett

Why teach philosophy in a world dominated by science?

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