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Cascabel Bangus Fry Gleaners, 1978 Davao City (part 1)

Vir o Montecastro

Cascabel Bangus Fry Gleaners, 1978 Davao City (part 2)

Vir o Montecastro

Catholic Moral Theology & Social Ethics: A New Method by Christina A. Astorga

Amalia Teresita B. Rosana, Markus Locker

Catholic Responses to Peacebuilding, Climate Change, and Extractive Industries

William N. Holden, Kathleen Nadeau

Celestial Girls in the Brocade-hung Pavilions of Heaven

John T. Giordano

Cheman J. Yulo Photographs

Cheman J. Yulo

Chiron and the Machines of Loving Grace: On Optimism, Pessimism, and Singularity

John T Giordano

Christian Spirituality for Seekers: Reflections on the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola; and Spirituality Seeking Theology by Roger Haight

Pasquale T. Giordano

Christianity’s Paradox: Chesterton after Kierkegaard

Peter Murphy

Christopher Ryan Maboloc's Radical Democracy in the Time of Duterte

Symel Noelin S. De Guzman-Daulat

Circum-Navigating The World Island, Among Enemies

John T. Giordano

Clarifying Pascal’s Wager: Charity as Decided

Earl Allyson P. Valdez

Class Struggle

Antonio A. Hidalgo

Combating Poverty Through Development: A Mapping of Strategies

Georges De Schrijver

Confessions of a Flaneur

John Thomas Giordano

Conscience and the Person

William Norris Clarke

Constructive Christology in Roger Haight's Jesus, Symbol of God: A Continuing Critical Christological Discourse

Ma. Christina Astorga

Contemporary Jesuits! You Have But Two Choices: The Politics of John Paul II or Ultramontanism

G.J. Mcaleer, Jamey Becker

Continental Philosophy Today: Too Much Destruction, or Too Little?

Vanessa Rumble

Continental Philosophy: Living with the ''Night of Truth''?

James Bernauer

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