Culture of the Mixed: A Study on the Contrast and Amalgamation of Confucianist Principles/Teachings and Filipino Traits Present within the Attitudes of Chinese-filipino Adolescents

Paul Simon Yiu: Ateneo de Manila University



The paper studies the influences of both Confucianist principles and Filipino traits from Sikolohiyang Pilipino to their possible manifestations in Chinese-Filipino adolescents. Each of the two concepts is discussed separately in their own contexts first before
attempting to compare and contrast similar elements within each principle. Theories from biculturalism are also included in order to (1) present what Chinese-Filipino adolescents may be experiencing between their ethnic/natal culture alongside the environmental culture, (2) possibly observe and infer how both Confucianist qualities and Filipino traits are being integrated by Chinese-Filipino adolescents.


Confucianist principles and Filipino traits, Chinese-Filipino adolescents, Sikolohiyang Pilipino, biculturalism

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