How Does People’s Daily Report the Communist Party of Philippines?

Wěiyù Cài



The media is an important way to analyze the diplomatic strategy of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese government. This paper chooses the party media - "People's Daily" as the research sample, and analyzes the frequency, quantity, title, and number of words, layout and rhetoric of the CPC, that explores the similarities and differences between the CPC and the Communist Party of Philippines (CPP) in different periods. The main reasons for the differences in the characteristics and attitudes of the report are the changes in the CPC's diplomatic strategy, the changes in the international situation, the diplomatic concept of the
CPC, and the changes in the Chinese government's diplomacy. In the end, this paper attempts to analyze the attitude of the CPC to the CPP in different stages through the characteristics of the CPC's official media coverage of the CPP.


People’s Daily, Communist Party of China (CPC), Communist Party of Philippines (CPP)

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