[EXTENDED DEADLINE] Call for Papers: Global Concerns, Local Issues

April 13, 2023

Call for Papers

Global Concerns, Local Issues


The themed issue focuses on finding ways to align the global concerns of sustainability with the local everyday issues and challenges to advance sustainability more efficiently.

Implementation of global sustainability goals need to be done in the context of localities; otherwise, initiatives may not resonate with the local culture and practices. Thus, it is necessary to learn about best practices of localizing SDGs, consider conflicts or social injustices that may arise from divergent ideas and practices of sustainability, and discuss ways these problems can be solved.

This themed issue welcomes submissions discussing global-local interaction in advancement of sustainability. Topics of the contributions may range from management strategies and practices to community initiatives and urban planning, in order to address questions such as:

  • How do local practices and initiatives connect and contribute to the advancement of global sustainability?

  • What challenges and impacts can arise from the localization of global sustainability goals? How can these be managed?

  • How can various actors and their power relations in sustainability management be acknowledged? How can cooperative sustainable practices between different actors with divergent interests be promoted?

The Journal will particularly appreciate submissions that:

  • emphasize the urgency of our global situation and focus on taking action now

  • describe actions that are already being taken or will be commenced very shortly – ideally by the authors or their institutions

  • describe how global business school teaching and research can be/ have been transformed from supporting business-as-usual mindsets and practices to become perhaps the most powerful vehicle for meeting the challenges of sustainable development.

Deadline for submissions of full papers to the special issue is JULY 15, 2023. Other manuscripts for our regular issues are still most welcome.

Articles shall be subject to a double-blind review process overseen by an international editorial board. Submissions of theoretical work, empirical studies, pedagogical tools, and practitioner manuscripts are all encouraged. We also encourage submissions from students and multi-country student teams.

Please visit https://ajol.ateneo.edu/jmgs to submit a manuscript. For other concerns, please email Assunta Cuyegkeng (Managing Editor) at jmgs@ateneo.edu or Pilvi Posio, our Guest Editor for this issue, at pilvi.posio@utu.fi.

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