Call for Submissions: Kritika Kultura Literary Section

June 13, 2020

Kritika Kultura is accepting contributions to its literary section, for possible inclusion in its forthcoming installments, beginning with the 37th issue (Aug. 2021).

Writers may submit any one of the following for consideration:

  1. Suite of 3 to 5 poems or a long poem
  2. Short story
  3. Excerpt from a novel (please include a brief overview of the novel’s project)
  4. Literary essay
  5. Work of translation into English (please secure the permission of the author whose work you are translating, and include a brief introduction [1,000 to 2,000 words] covering, but being not restricted to, the following areas: background of author and text being translated; translation theory and method used; aesthetic, political, cultural, institutional, etc. concerns encountered in the course of translation)

Submission Guidelines

Please email your original and unpublished contribution to the literary section of Kritika Kultura to [email protected] (cc: [email protected]). Simultaneous submission is permitted, but Kritika Kultura must be notified immediately if the work is accepted or published elsewhere.

For both the subject heading of the email and the filename of the submission, please use your last name and the genre-label of the work (for instance, dela Cruz_Poetry). Email your submission as a file attachment (.docx and/or .pdf format); please do not indicate your name within the pages of the attachment. As an in-line text in your email, include a brief bionote (100 to 150 words), as well as your institutional affiliation and professional e-mail address.

You will receive an acknowledgment of your submission within two weeks. As KK strictly has works reviewed by at least two external referees, we hope to provide news on the status of your submission within three months. If you would like to your work to be possibly included in the 37th issue, please submit by Oct. 5, 2020.

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