Events: The Critics Culture Reading Series Features the Magpies Press

March 10, 2019

The Critic Culture—along with the Department of Fine Arts (AdMU)—offers an interview with editors and writers of the Magpies, an independent printing and art collective. The speakers were Mac Andre Arboleda and Shaunnah Ysabel Cledera. There will also be a presentation of quotes from the Works of the Magpies. The interview is on Tuesday, 26 March 2019, from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., at Faura AVR, Ateneo de Manila University. The interview is open to everyone. 

About interview

Founded in 2013 as a group for poetry and poem printing, The Magpies Press is now an independent print and art collective who conducts a biannual expo (Zine Orgy) and discussions featuring actors and writers (Deep Thought), and recently opened a city of criticism for art and culture (The Basement).

The Magpies will speak out about the decision from making their own zines and joining art festivals alone, will also begin establishing events for independent printing. Discuss how this change is seen in response to a lack of dialogue between the actors and creators and the Community of Los Baños.

The Magpies projects, their creative processes, and their insistence on collaboration, experimentation, and criticism will also be discussed with the actors and community. The interview will end with a presentation of quotes from the works of the Magpies.

In Events and Community. Mac Arboleda will discuss participation and performance of Magpies events, such as Zine Orgy's an expo held for independent printing partners with student organizations, collectives, and small businesses in response to a lack of community and space for celebrities and creators. Among the Magpies initiatives are Deep Thought and The Basement, which were developed to create a city for criticism and replace ideas as a way of communicating with actors, creators, and both to the next step in communicating.

In the Collaborative Poetics of the Magpies. Shaunnah Ysabel Cledera will discuss the progress of the Magpies' practice in response to a variety of issues in the communities they recognise to be involved. This issue includes the collective insistence on a collaboration system that is against the creation processes that depend on the diversity and disparity of the fields, turning them into a practically more fitted reality, prompted by The Burial of Mark in the Grave of Heroes, pushing for the dialogue of the actors of various fields to collective response and involvement in socio-political realities, and they stand for zine only--the important thing is the community that is built and formed.

About speakers

Mac Andre Arboleda's works cover zines, comics, photographs, films, and performances. In the name Asshulz, he founded and performed a variety of events including Zine and Munzinelupa along with other actors and groups. He is the current chief editor of Vision, the official folio of UP Los Baños.

Shaunnah Ysabel Cledera's works are experiments with laying, photography, and criticism. In 2013 he founded the Magpies with two other friends. He is the current editor of The Basement, an online platform for criticism and exchange of conversations with arts and culture. He teaches at UP Los Baños.

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