Publication Announcement: KK 43

April 24, 2024

The editors of Kritika Kultura are pleased to announce the publication of its 43rd issue, which gathers five articles in the regular section; six articles in the first installment of Forum Kritika on Mobility in Islandic Geographies and Textual Representations in Literature, Culture, and Media Forms; and one entry in the literary section.

The regular section is composed of Laurence Marvin S. Castillo’s “Comradeship, Remolding, and Rectification in Norman Wilwayco’s Gerilya,” which examines the transformative aspects of “revolutionary lifeways” that come into conflict with “deeply entrenched relations”; Orhun Yakin and Serhat Kaymas’s “Re-entering Fandom Pages in the Era of New Media Ecosystems: The Case of Turkish Television Series and Their Devoted Viewer Communities,” which looks into the fans of Turkish television via media environments and transnational relations; Xiayin Dang’s “Practicing the Sublime, Raising the Marginal Self: The Chinese Muslim Writer Zhang Chengzhi’s Narrative of Adventure,” which scrutinizes the capacity of adventure stories to integrate religious beliefs and practices in daily life; Adam Lifshey’s “Cry for Me, Argentina! Taiwanese Soap Opera Diplomacy in Latin America,” which accounts for the symbolic value of Taiwanese soap operas dubbed into Spanish from the mid-2010s to the early 2020s; and Glenn Diaz’s “The Forest as Sight, the Forest as Narration: Alvin Yapan’s Sandali ng mga Mata,” which argues that the forest as an illegible space offers a diagnosis of, and a counterpoint to, the conditions of late capitalism. This section is edited by Ma. Gabriela P. Martin and Jocelyn Martin.

The Forum Kritika on Mobility in Islandic Geographies and Textual Representations in Literature, Culture, and Media Forms (Part 1) is guest edited by Maria Luisa Torres Reyes and Luisa L. Gomez and includes the following articles: “Island and Mobility in the Face of Climate Change: Robert Smithson’s Floating Island” by Jaeeun Lee, “The Island Literature Museums in Korea” by Inseop Shin, “Zainichi, Mobility, and Jeju Island: On the Representation of Island in the Novels of Kim Sok-pom and Lee Yangji” by Myungsim Yang, “Mobility Necropolitics and Harmless Islanders” by Jinhyoung Lee, and “Chaotic Waters and Well-Tempered Specters: The Philippines as Source of Overseas Labor” by Joel David. In their essay, “Introduction: Where Island Studies Meets Mobility Studies in Literary and Cultural Studies,” Reyes and Gomez locate the articles within the confluence of the emerging fields of mobility studies and island studies thereby highlighting such intersections for literary and cultural studies.

The literary section, edited by Martin Villanueva, features Elio Garcia’s “The Churning of the Sea of Milk,” which interfuses memory, cinema, place, and literature.

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