Shahrzad Mojab gives a KK lecture on "intersectionality"

January 31, 2024

Professor Shahrzad Mojab of the University of Toronto delivered the second installment of Kritika Kultura's lecture series in honor of Delia Aguilar and the 25th publication anniversary of her book Toward a Nationalist Feminism on Tuesday, January 30, 2024.

Titled "(Re)thinking 'Intersectionality' With and Through Delia Aguilar's Contributions," Professor Mojab discussed her approach to Marxist feminist understanding of revolutionary learning. To her, like Aguilar, "it is impossible to disarticulate social relations from one another without using an epistemology that objectifies our social reality and artificially separates relations of oppression from each other through a cultural logic that segments race and gender from capital and class." Watch the full lecture here:

Professor Mojab's talk was conducted on Zoom and attended by students and faculty from the Ateneo and other educational institutions like the University of Chicago and Polytechnic University of the Philippines among others.

The lecture series is an initiative of Kritika Kultura and Bryant University's Professor Jeffrey Cabusao in collaboration with Gantala Press, which will republish Toward a Nationalist Feminism this year.

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