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Beatriz Álvarez Tardío

"¡Hay un caimán!": Una aproximación al estudio del poema A la Laguna de Bay de Fernando Canon

Elaine Sisson

"A Note on What Happened": Experimental Influences on the Irish Stage, 1919-1929

Susana Bardavío Estevan

"Asylum of Incurably Lazy and Depraved Men": The Philippines as a Space of Degenerate Masculinity in the Late Fiction of Emilia Pardo Bazán

Lionel Pilkington

"At a Loss for Words": Theatre, Performance and the Northern Ireland Prison Protests

Isabel Alonso-Breto

"Don't Be Sorry. We Didn't Do This.": Narrating Diaspora and Problematizing Choice in V.V. Ganeshananthan's Love Marriage

Aaron Castroverde

"Esa Segunda Nacíon": The Colonial Logic of Galdós's Dońa Perfecta

James Moran

"He Calls His Dada Still": Nineteenth Century English Radicalism and the Drama of Padraic Pearse

Patrick F. Campos

"Manila by Night" as Thirdspace

Victor Merriman

"Not Always, But Often": Introduction to a Special Issue on Radical Theatre and Ireland

Jim Pascual Agustin

"She Hates Elmo's Voice" and Other Poems

Won-Chung Kim

"The Nomad of the Naked Body": The Trans-corporeal Ecopoetics of Sunwoo Kim

Beatriz Álvarez Tardío, Arlene Aguirre Maurillo, Ma. Teresa C. Garcia

"There’s an Alligator!": An Approach to the Study of the Poem A la Laguna de Bay by Fernando Canon

Bill McDonnell, Joe Reid

"To Speak Your Truth": Dialogues on Political Theatre and the Troubles

Niamh Malone

"To Tell or To Question?" Caryl Churchill's Seven Jewish Children: Theater as Witness to the Human Costs of Contemporary Conflict

Jan Baetens

"Transmedial Aesthetics is Ordinary": Some Remarks on Victor Erice's "The Spirit of the Beehive"

Victor Merriman

"Willing to Do Public Work": Introduction to a Special Issue on Radical Theatre and Ireland (Part 2)

Juan Ignacio Oliva

“Effable Nature in Unheard Stories”: Tishani Doshi’s Poetics of Discovery

Lara Buxbaum

“Give the People What They Want”: Bodies on Display in Marlene Van Niekerk’s Triomf

Dafna Ruppin

“Komedi within Komedi”: Moving Pictures and Intermedial Crossings in Turn-of-the-Century Colonial Indonesia

Michael Joseph Viola

“Land is Life”: Reflections on E. San Juan, Jr., Considerations for Filipino Critical Theory, and Notes for Environmental Justice in the United States and the Philippines

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