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Danica Čerče

Challenging and Reinventing White Australia's Historical Narrativity and Identitarian Assumptions Apropos of Aboriginality

Theodore S. Gonzalves

Dancing Into Oblivion: The Pilipino Cultural Night and the Narration of Contemporary Filipina/o America

Sandra Ataíde Lobo


Brian Morgan

Fostering Conceptual Roles for Change: Identity and Agency in ESEA Teacher Preparation

Karen Gallagher

Identity and Perception and Its Impact on Artistic Choices

Biwu Shang, Maria Luisa Torres Reyes

Introduction to the Forum Kritika on Ethical Literary Criticism, Brain Text, and New Readings of World Literature

Biwu Shang, Maria Luisa F. Torres Reyes

Introduction: Ethical Literary Criticism, Brain Text, and New Readings of World Literature

E. San Juan, Jr.

Inventing Vernacular Speech-Acts: Articulating Filipino Self-Determination in the United States

Ashma Shamail

Mapping the Sea Islands Culture in Paule Marshall's Praisesong for the Widow

Teresita Ang See, Carmela Ang See

Navigating Cultures, Forming Identities

Gary Devilles, Jocelyn Martin

Nick Joaquin Now: Texts, Contexts, and Approaches

Martin IV Manalansan

Performing Elusive Homecomings: Mobility, Embodiment, and Diasporic Filipino Youth

Wen Guo

Positronic Brain vs. Human Brain: Robots' Brain Text as the Representation of Ethical Guiding Principles in Isaac Asimov's The Complete Robot

Xiayin Dang

Practicing the Sublime, Raising the Marginal Self: The Chinese Muslim Writer Zhang Chengzhi’s Narrative of Adventure

Ute Fendler

Roots and Routes: Hip-Hop from South Korea

Mary Mills, Janet Speake

Spaces of Affectivity: Innovating Interdisciplinary Discourse in Open, “Free” Space

Bahareh Nilforoshan, Bakhtiar Sadjadi

The Advanced Marginality of the Ghetto Dwellers: Stigmatized Territory in Caryl Phillips’s The Lost Child

Joseph Ching Velasco

The Contingencies of Chinese Diasporic Identities in Charlson Ong’s Speculative Fiction

Theodore S. Gonzalves

The Day the Dancers Stayed: Expressive Forms of Culture in the United States

Tyra Delos Reyes, Xavier Selman

The Female Monster: The Pre-Catholic Manifestation as a Response to Modern Anxiety in Selected Stories by Nick Joaquin

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