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Vicente L. Rafael

Empire and Globalization: On the Recent Study of the Philippines in the United States

Sandra Ataíde Lobo


Iping Liang

Island Encounters: Mapping Indigenous Taiwan in the Context of “Imperial Archipelagos”

Albertus Bagus Laksana

Love of Religion, Love of Nation: Catholic Mission and the Idea of Indonesian Nationalism

E. San Juan, Jr.

On Photography in Late Capitalism: Reflections on the Vicissitudes of the Image from a Filipino Perspective

Isabel Pefianco Martin

Pedagogy: Teaching Practices of American Colonial Educators in the Philippines

T. Ruanni F. Tupas

Postcolonial English Language Politics Today: Reading Ramanathan’s "The English-Vernacular Divide"

Rommel A. Curaming

Postcolonial Studies and Pantayong Pananaw in Philippine Historiography: A Critical Engagement

Vaidehi Ramanathan

Poverty, TESOL’s Narratives and “Other Languages”: Hermeneutic Tensions in Texting-Researching Practices

Taeyun Yu

Reincarnation of the Pinay Subaltern in Foreign Cinema

Christine Vicera

Remembering and Re-membering Home: Asynchronicity as Postcolonial Poetics in 21st Century Southeast Asian Diasporic Narratives

Danica Čerče

Resisting and Transgressing White Patriarchal Constructions of Race and Gender

Victor Bascara

The Case of the Disappearing Filipino American Houseboy: Speculations on Double Indemnity and United States Imperialism

Hidde Van der Wall

The City as Nation: Nick Joaquin’s Manila, My Manila as Nationalist History

Hidde van der Wall

The City as Nation: Nick Joaquin’s Manila, My Manila as Nationalist History

Jonathan O. Chua

The Making of Jose Garcia Villa's Footnote to Youth

Lionel Pilkington

The Pitfalls of Theatrical Consciousness

Sheikh Mehedi Hasan

The Postcolonial Condition in Kiran Desai's The Inheritance of Loss: Predicament of Migrants and Resistance of Minorities

Kenneth E. Bauzon

Themes from the History of Capitalism to the Rise of US Empire in the Pacific, With Annotations from Selected Works of E. San Juan, Jr.

Maria-Sabina Draga Alexandru

Transhistorical Connectivities around the Indian Ocean: Western Colonialism and Climate Change in Amitav Ghosh’s The Nutmeg’s Curse

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