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Susana Bardavío Estevan

"Asylum of Incurably Lazy and Depraved Men": The Philippines as a Space of Degenerate Masculinity in the Late Fiction of Emilia Pardo Bazán

James Moran

"He Calls His Dada Still": Nineteenth Century English Radicalism and the Drama of Padraic Pearse

Patrick F. Campos

"Manila by Night" as Thirdspace

Victor Merriman

"Not Always, But Often": Introduction to a Special Issue on Radical Theatre and Ireland

Victor Merriman

"Willing to Do Public Work": Introduction to a Special Issue on Radical Theatre and Ireland (Part 2)

Coeli Barry

“Not Here to Steal Sheep”: A Reading of the History and Politics of Catholicism in Thailand

Isabel Alonso-Breto

“Such a Nice Little Place”: Rhizomatic Partnership in Nayomi Munaweera’s Island of a Thousand Mirrors

Isaac Donoso, Porter O’Neill

A Chronicle of the Philippines in the Poetry of Zoilo Hilario

Tim Prentki

A Dog's Obeyed in Office: Beyond the Boalian Binary

Inseop Shin

A Narrative of Those on the Move: The Case of Takeo Arishima

Wenyan Yin

A New Model for Globalization in the Film Industry: Lessons from Sino-US Film Co-productions

Luis Cordeiro-Rodrigues

Animal Welfarism in American Law: Animal Farming, Privilege, and Disempowerment

Hee Jun Kim, Maxime Martigane, Jimmyn Parc

Assessing the Impact of Protectionism Upon the Performance of Actors: The Case of the French and Korean Film Industries

Tim Libretti

Beyond the Innocence of Globalization: The Abiding Necessity of Carlos Bulosan's Anti-Imperialist Imagination

Joel David

Chaotic Waters and Well-Tempered Specters: The Philippines as Source of Overseas Labor

Rosario Torres-Yu

Childhood and Family in Contemporary Children's Fiction: Resilience, Agency, and Emerging Gender Norms

Jose Mario C. Francisco, Shanthini Pillai

Christianity from the Margins in Southeast Asia

James Moran

Conflicting Counter-Hegemonies?: The Dramaturgy of James Connolly and Sean O' Casey

Isaac Donoso

Crónica de Filipinas en la Poesía de Zoilo Hilario

Theodore S. Gonzalves

Dancing Into Oblivion: The Pilipino Cultural Night and the Narration of Contemporary Filipina/o America

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