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James Moran

"He Calls His Dada Still": Nineteenth Century English Radicalism and the Drama of Padraic Pearse

Victor Merriman

"Not Always, But Often": Introduction to a Special Issue on Radical Theatre and Ireland

Coeli Barry

“Not Here to Steal Sheep”: A Reading of the History and Politics of Catholicism in Thailand

Isaac Donoso, Porter O’Neill

A Chronicle of the Philippines in the Poetry of Zoilo Hilario

Tim Libretti

Beyond the Innocence of Globalization: The Abiding Necessity of Carlos Bulosan's Anti-Imperialist Imagination

James Moran

Conflicting Counter-Hegemonies?: The Dramaturgy of James Connolly and Sean O' Casey

Isaac Donoso

Crónica de Filipinas en la Poesía de Zoilo Hilario

Mark John Sanchez

Human Rights and the Task Force Detainees of the Philippines: Religious Opposition to the Marcos Dictatorship, 1972-1986

Arbeen Acuña

Ilustraxon: Semyotika sa Pahina at sa Piraso ng Komix

Albertus Bagus Laksana

Love of Religion, Love of Nation: Catholic Mission and the Idea of Indonesian Nationalism

Michael D. Pante, Leo Angelo Nery

Migration, Imagination, and Transformation: Revisiting E. San Juan’s Carlos Bulosan and the Imagination of the Class Struggle

Taeyun Yu

Reincarnation of the Pinay Subaltern in Foreign Cinema

Eugenio Matibag

Staging the Nation: Claro M. Recto’s Domestic Dramas

Gloria G. Gonzales

The Alien, the Citizen, and the Triumphant Capitalist

Hidde Van der Wall

The City as Nation: Nick Joaquin’s Manila, My Manila as Nationalist History

Hidde van der Wall

The City as Nation: Nick Joaquin’s Manila, My Manila as Nationalist History

Yohanes Hartadi

The Colonial Doubling, or the Challenge for Colonial Authority

Charlie Samuya Veric

The Fictions of Necessity

Lionel Pilkington

The Pitfalls of Theatrical Consciousness

Anette Horn

The Specter of Tokkie—Facing the Past, Inventing the Future: Zoë Wicomb’s Playing in the Light

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