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Danica Čerče

Challenging and Reinventing White Australia's Historical Narrativity and Identitarian Assumptions Apropos of Aboriginality

Joyce L. Arriola

Channeling the Cinematic in Manuel Puig’s Betrayed by Rita Hayworth

Joel David

Chaotic Waters and Well-Tempered Specters: The Philippines as Source of Overseas Labor

Rosario Torres-Yu

Childhood and Family in Contemporary Children's Fiction: Resilience, Agency, and Emerging Gender Norms

Thea Stanton

Choreographing Immersion: Negotiating Borders, Difference, and Power

Catherine Gomes, Jonathan Y. Tan

Christianity as a Culture of Mobility: A Case Study of Asian Transient Migrants in Singapore

Jose Mario C. Francisco, Shanthini Pillai

Christianity from the Margins in Southeast Asia

Paul Melo e Castro

Circling the End of the Line in Vimala Devi's Monsoon: Glints of Significance Across Vimala Devi's Short Story Cycle

Delia D. Aguilar

Coda: Memory Work

Imraan Coovadia

Coetzee In and Out of Cape Town

Jinhyoung Lee

Colonial Mobility and the Biopolitics of the Colonial Non-Place

Olga Antononoka

Communicating Emotions: How Commercial Manga for Women Approaches 3.11

Laurence Marvin S. Castillo

Comradeship, remolding and rectification in Norman Wilwayco's Gerilya

Gary C. Devilles

Confession as a Narrative Mode in Gay Indie Films

James Moran

Conflicting Counter-Hegemonies?: The Dramaturgy of James Connolly and Sean O' Casey

Patricia May B. Jurilla

Conflicts and Contests: A History of the Filipino Novel in English

Victor S. Venida

Conflicts Over Heritage: The Case of Quiapo

Roghayeh Farsi, Abbas Ali Hallaji

Construction and Comprehension of Fictional Dystopia: A Cognitive Study of Anna Burns's Milkman

Jeremy De Chavez

Consumed by Affects: Kwentong Jollibee [Jollibee Stories], Happy Objects, and the Formation of Intimate Publics

Gerardus Majella Adhyanggono

Contested Javaneseness in Sociocultural Documentaries of the Post-New Order Indonesia

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