It is common nowadays to meet young people who are confused
about their gender identity. To feel like the other gender is very
much in fashion; it is the new trending topic. In the United
Kingdom, for instance, the Gender Identity Development Service
reported that it received 1,986 referrals of children in 2016/2017, up
from 94 referrals in 2009/2010, making for a relative increase of
2,000%. In Canada, a parent was allowed to register her/his child’s
sex as “U” (probably for unspecified) so that the child will have the
freedom to choose its own gender later on. And in the Philippines,
10% of males aged 18–25 years old now identify with the opposite
gender. How are we to react to this? How are we to discern the “signs
of the times” (see Mt. 16:3) here?

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